The MS Berlin bridge
March 1966

"We left Bremenhaven Germany On March 8 1966. My dad tells that the picture must have been taken in the middle of the Atlantic. They had postings on the bulletin boards regarding tours to the bridge and also engineering. My dad chose the bridge. They all had to meet at the chief deck stewards office and then they went up.

They explained the workings of the bridge and how they kept on course. My dad is the man just right of the crewman. It lasted 45 minutes. We arrived at pier 21 in Halifax, Canada. I believe the ship went on to New York. The next thing we heard was that she was sold for scrap. So I believe that was the last voyage of the M.S. Berlin.

I hope that you can do something with what I have told you. This ship will stay in my family forever. It brings back a lot of good memories. Your web page is a wonderful place to remember. Even I can remember some things when we were aboard."

Peter Koepenick

P.S. The departure date was a count back from the arrival date in Halifax.
My dad tells me it took 6 days to cross.


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